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Premier League

  1. Pick your club from the weekly fixture list
  2. Score as many goals as possible
  3. Your points help rocket your team to victory

Last 24hr Top Scorers

1 Jake Chelsea 141200
2 Jake Chelsea 134400
3 Nimmy Crystal Palace 134400
4 Jake Chelsea 134100
5 Jake Chelsea 133200
6 Jake Chelsea 126700
7 Jake Chelsea 126400
8 Jake Chelsea 126400
9 Jake Chelsea 126400
10 Toon Newcastle 126100

Open Premier League matches

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  • Closed Premier League matches

    Liverpool 24,862,750

    Ended 17 August 12:45PM

    2,888,850 Stoke
    Arsenal 45,782,325

    Ended 17 August 3:00PM

    16,871,350 Aston Villa
    Norwich 4,234,150

    Ended 17 August 3:00PM

    4,718,700 Everton
    Sunderland 6,849,925

    Ended 17 August 3:00PM

    10,158,500 Fulham
    West Brom 14,308,525

    Ended 17 August 3:00PM

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  • Southampton
    West Ham 4,689,600

    Ended 17 August 3:00PM

    14,134,175 Cardiff
    Swansea 39,353,875

    Ended 17 August 5:30PM

    38,968,025 Man Utd
    Crystal Palace 100,632,875

    Ended 18 August 1:30PM

    6,665,950 Tottenham
    Chelsea 53,366,400

    Ended 18 August 4:00PM

    9,505,925 Hull
    Man City 6,475,700

    Ended 19 August 8:00PM

    16,934,950 Newcastle

    Premier League